888.com Announces Record Breaking Number of Winners and Payouts

One of the World Wide Web’s most popular online casino sites, 888.com, has recently announced it experienced a record-breaking number of winners and payouts for the month of September.

When all was said and done, the number of 888.com casino members who won totaled to 43,006.  The combined sum of payouts of all the winners came to $365 million.  This marks the highest payout total, as well as the highest number of winners on record since 2008.

The senior vice president and the Head of 888.com’s B2C Division said that September’s number of winners and payout total that beat the casino’s previous records is thrilling news.  These results are proof to 888.com members that playing games at the online casino can lead to possible life-altering wins.   888.com is delighted to congratulate all of its September winners and to be able to live up to its motto -“It can happen any minute!”