Australian slot machines - Poker Machines

Australian style poker machines use a video display which usually works similiar to to a five reels slot machine and include more bonuses and features than the regular machines.

The australian slot machines can be found in casinos, pubs and clubs and it is also very popular among the online casino players. The australian slots are far more complicated then the ones in the USA, it takes time and patient to study its pay table, but on the whole it is not difficult to learn how to play slots of an Australian variety.

Another interesting feature in those slots is the option to bet with "multiple coins". There is no advantage in playing with several coins when betting, but when doing so, your winnings and bonuses are multiplied according to the number of coins you chose to place your bets on. If you wish to practice you can do so with some of the free slots.

The Australian poker machines and Australia slots are more profitable than most of the gambling games. when calculating the average of money spent, devided by the total of the gamblers, it appears as if 80-90 percents of the play money is being returned to the players. and yet still, it is considered as one of the most profitable casino games. Not to forget, those are poker machines! So there are no strategies but there are online slots tips and secrets, and the game is based only on luck.