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5-Coin Slot Machine Strategy: Baby Steps

Baby Steps allows for a staggered approach for betting without the complication of increasing and decreasing the number of coins one bets according to the outcome of each spin. Furthermore, it adds a certain amount structure to a betting session whilst utilizing the available funds to the best possible advantage. Finally, the Baby Steps strategy for a 5 coin slot machine enables the machine to turn from cold to hot with minimum loss whilst not sacrificing a greater win; the Baby Steps strategy does not require the building up and then decreasing of coins gambled other 5 coin slot strategies do, but rather the Baby Steps strategy gradually builds up the players funds and finishes with the crescendo; it leaves you on top.

How it Works

The Baby Steps 5 coin slots strategy is not a set pattern, but rather it is an approach to slot gambling that can be adapted to each individual’s personal preference or bankroll. Ones bankroll will play a large factor in the pattern chosen with a smaller bankroll usually conducive to a more conservative betting pattern. A conservative betting pattern may involve fewer max bets and more smaller bets, for example:


Or even:


It should be noted that most 5 coin betting strategies usually try to avoid the 1 coin and 4 coin bet as they are generally less beneficial in terms of their payouts than the other three denominations of bets. The Baby Steps strategy however, does not shy away from these two less advantageous denominations as it wishes to increase the steps on the way to the top, deeming it more important to draw out the sequence than to take the chance on the coins with the highest revenue payouts. None-the-less, few Baby Steps patterns include both of these numbers, rather a conservative pattern will play the one coins, and a more aggressive pattern will play the four coin spins.

The above patterns work in the following way. This pattern starts with three spins of 1 coin each, the advantage of staying low at the beginning is that a machine is rarely hot when you get to it; after all, who leaves a hot machine for the next guy to find? Therefore by playing a number of low bets first you are warming the machine up at minimum cost to yourself. By the time the machine is hot, you are already in the larger denomination and therefore eligible for the larger wins; should you not win, you have limited the number of large denomination spins made, and you can return to the beginning of the sequence.

As with all 5 coin slot strategies, don’t forget your naked pulls and loss limits; whether you have finished your pattern or not, reaching either of these limits marks the end of your session – walk away from the machine!

Alex Van Der Butz