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Congress Chooses Frederick as Next Slot Machine Site

November14, 2007. The house subcommittee in the Congress has opted for Frederick as the best slot machine site over four other shortlisted locations.

This decision has been confirmed by the leader of the house subcommittee himself, Frank Turner of the Howard County, defending that Frederick could generate more slot machine income than any other site near Ocean City or even the venue in Worcester County, thus making Frederick more eligible to have legalized slot machine equipment and facility.

According to Frank Turner, a slot machine facility in Frederick will have a better chance of capturing slot machine-derived revenues, which are heeding towards West Virginia.

Other than that, the house subcommittee has also decided to raise the commission rate of the potential slot machine operators by a significant three percent.

From thirty percent, these slot machine operators would have a thirty-three percent of the potential slot machine revenues.

The house subcommittee are also eyeing possible expansion of other gambling games like poker and blackjack, as voted by the majority of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

This new development would somehow be an indirect resolution to the impending debate on slot machine included in the constitutional resolution proposed by Governor Martin O'Malley.


Sunday, 09 December 2007
Alex Van Der Butz