European Slot Machines - Fruit Machines

The European slot machine have three or six reels. This is also the case with online slots. Those machines are very much alike the slot machines types you are used to seeing on the casinos and are sometimes being called fruit machines, which is a term that is being used often for slots that can be found in the local arcades and pubs.

Those machines have several different features that can not be found on the American slot machines, including "sub games" and trails that gives you more chances to win, other than the reels.

The European slots are programmed to pay a percentage of the jackpot. Those machines take a pre determined percentage of the payouts and then spread the winnings to a pre determined jackpot amount. Overall, on the long run, all players will get 95% from the sum of money that was placed, if thats the sum that was programmed.

An advantage in the online european slot machines, is the fact that the sum of the jackpots is calculated between all of the machines. and not per machine, like in the casino slots.