Online Penny Slots

Penny slots are the most popular and most often met type of slots. Slot machines and all slot games were traditionally played with coins, so naturally, pennies being the smallest coins as they are, would be most often welcome in the slot machine's guts.

It is all but the same in online casinos; most slot machines don't even accept bets larger that $2 or $5, and you can always make small bets in pennies. Penny play is therefore the easiest and least risky way to have fun with slot machines, and as you might already know, slot machines are all about fun.

Online penny slots are the next step of an online casino player who just familiarized themselves with slot machines playing with fun money; but playing with real money is an entirely different thing, and betting real money - even pennies - as opposed to fun money is an entirely different feeling as well. Albeit low risk, online penny slots are the first step into the world of online slot machines and winning big. They're also a great way to spend time when you feel bored but dont feel like risking any money in the online casino.

Penny slots are available everywhere and you should never have a problem findinf an online penny slot machine.