Online slots tips and secrets

Slot machines are simple devices, and in essence slots aren't really a complicated game. That being the case is surprising however how many ridiculous and downright absurd myths surround online slots. Some can be quite dangerous and costly if they are listened to.

The first sort of myth relates to the fact that the contemporary slot machines are operated by a digital microprocessor. In the simplest of terms, a slot machine has a timer that runs all the time and generates random combinations of numbers. Whenever the player presses the button or pushes the lever, the number that was produced by the timer at that particular moment would be used as a base of calculating the outcome for the round. If you push the button or the lever a millisecond earlier or a millisecond later, the results will be entirely different. Some people however chose to ignore the fact that it is simply impossible to predict the outcome of the game even if you could plug a scanner directly into the machine's guts and even less so with online slots. They defy the logic of slot machine design with power and stubborness that other people used in other times to defy the gravity or the shape of Earth.

As a consequence, educated gambler would stumble upon hilarious gems of clueless miswit now and then. For instance, it is often heard that the slot machines are programmed to hit the jackpot every Nth push of the lever. Based on this surreal assertion, people tend to conclude that if you play long enough, you will essentially hit the jackpot. Even worse, some maintain that if the guy that occupied the slot machine after you left it did hit the jackpot the very instant you left the slot machine, you should be very upset as the jackpot could have been yours.

The point of fixed odds (and the static probability) is that no matter how much you bet, and no matter how hard you play, your chances are the same all the time. Whether you push or pull the lever at any particular time, bang your head against the wall, dance around the machine or eat fried crickets, it's going to be the same. The laws of probability can't be fooled. Even though the slot positions have probability weights, they are varefully calculated and oversought to provide correct payout ratios in the long run. The situation is even more strict in the online casinos because slot machines are running on the same software platform as every other online casino game; they log the games the very same way the other games do and they are subject to independent auditing as much as any other online casino game.

The second and even more unreal wave of myth derives from people's sheer ignorance about the internal design of slot machine mechanics. You can still hear theories that your chances are better when you, for instance, heat up your coins or tokens before you put them into the slot machine. These ideas were ridiculed and mocked all over and over so much that there's no need to repeat them here. Modern slot machines are electronics, and if there ever was a way to fool a slot machine or exploit its flaw in the same way as one could theoretically exploit a flaw in roulette wheel, the time is definitely not now. You can cheat a slot machine no more than you can cheat a car with an empty gas tank to go another hundred miles.

The third kind of slot machine myths is what amateurs understand as "operator modification" part of slot machine specifications. It's very easy to stand up and say that casinos "rig" the slot machines or somesuch, abusing their access to the inner working of the device and making it impossible to win a significant sum of money. This is completely and utterly false. Not only are slot machines tightly supervised by gambling comissions and nationwide legislature related to the specifics of gambling; they are also programmed with proprietary software by the slot machine vendors who have very little interest to surrender control over their intellectual property to the casinos. It is also a blatant lie that using a club/membership card can affect your chances in any positive and negative way. Even worse, some folks are assured that use of the member card will report your winnings to your tax authorities. The reality can't be any more further from true than this. The odds in slot machines are fixed and they don't change magically nor in land nor in online casinos. Even though online slot machines don't have any factors that give birth to myths about slot machine rigging like location, time of the day and such, the allegations in all those myths are still senseless.

It is also utterly false that the managers, the technicians or the vendors of the slot machines would certainly know when a particular slot machine is "due to win". A slot machine produces random, unrelated probabilistic events. There's simply no way of knowing when is it due to win. Even if the player was equipped with advanced technology and theory to reverse engineer the random number generation algorithm of the slot machines, it'd still be unfeasible, if not impossible; the algorithms of the slot machines are hardened against intrusion and prediction, making them very fair and reliable. Slot machines don't have "streaks", "hot cycles" or any other imaginary game patterns. However, your luck might very well have one!

The secret of successful play against the slot machine is very simple. Slot machines aren't about winning, they're about having fun time. A cautious and educated gambler should be able to understand their luck for that day, and most of all know their limits. Just like with any other casino game, set up a bankroll fund which you're willing to invest into the slot machine. As soon as it dries out, stop playing. Whenever you win any money on the slot machine, keep it. Dont put it back into the fund and dont put it back into the slot machine.

As it has been said, slot machines aren't the hideous evil beasts that the superstitious people try to present them as. They're a simple, straightforward gaming technology; a slot machine always stays the same, it's not ambigous or hypocritical towards the player and it employs simple mechanism of chances that remains the same across the machine's lifetime.

As slot machines are games of chance, there's no strategy that can be applied to the slot machine games themselves, because in absolute majority of slot machines the player has no way to influence the outcome of the game. However, betting management systems can be devised for slot machines as well as they can be for any other game; just like with all other casino games of chance, probabilities and odds for the particular slot machine game can be obtained and ascertained to build a personal betting system. Whether doing this with slot machines is actually feasible or not is a question that no one has been able to answer yet.

Ignore anyone and everyone trying to pitch you into buying an "effective" or "guaranteed" slot machine systems. These people range from pranksters to conmen and in general should be asked to vacate the premises as soon as they dare stepping onto your soil. Don't neither waste your time nor raise high hopes in slot machine systems. If it was possible to cheat a slot machine or devise an effective winning system it is most certain that the people who'd know about it would keep their mouth shut. If it works so well, why would someone sell it to you for $50?

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