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Penobscot Tribe Threatening to Go Ahead With Slots Plan Even Without Approval of the State

On April 26th, 2008, The Penobscot Indian Tribe is threatening that they will continue their plans to offer slot machines on their Indian Island facility despite the veto done by Governor John Baldacci on the slots proposal that would have given permission to the tribe to offer one hundred slot machines.

Tribal head Kirk Francis commented that they are already planning to cut their ties with the state even if they will risk losing all of their funding while they are planning to expand their gaming offering on their casino facility. The bill that was vetoed, states that the tribe can only offer one hundred slot machines from the original 400 slot machines. It was conceptualized to compete against the Hollywood Slots establishment in Bangor, Maine that was approved by the voters in the state.

The Penobscot tribe commented that the additional slot machines will help them earn more for the tribe and will help them compete effectively with Hollywood Slots. Chief Francis commented that it is high time that they do something about the plight of their tribe because the help that they receive from the state is not enough. The attorney general of Maine commented that the 1980 land claims settlement law gives Maine some authority over the land sovereignty of the tribe.

The chief of communications of Gov. John Baldacci, David Farmer commented that the Governor urges the tribe to go ahead with the referendum that will ask the opinion of the state voters on the slots proposal. He added that Governor Baldacci understands the feeling of the tribe but urges to first seek legal approval.


Wednesday, 14 May 2008
Theo Evans