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Peter Franchot Criticizes Gov. O'Malley's Slots Proposal

On December 6th, 2007, the state comptroller criticize Gov. Martin O'Malley's proposal to allow casino slot games in some areas around the state during in a speaking engagement before the members of the College Democrats in the Stamp Student Union. Franchot warned that the slot machines will just make the poorer classes of the state of Maryland gambling addicts.

Gambling will just increased the crime rate in the state. Franchot compared the effect of the slot machines to the state lottery, which was introduced in the 1970. Franchot said that the lottery was marketed as an idea to increase funding for education. But the money from lottery goes into the general fund, not to education. The slots machines bill will be presented to voters in a referendum on November.

During a special session of the state legislature, Gov. O'Malley reiterated that the slot machines profits will be used to fund education in the state. O'Malley said that there would not be enough money to help bring down the increasing tuition fees next year if the state does not have enough money from the slot machines.


Tuesday, 08 January 2008
Marissa Patterson