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Pittsburgh Slots Casino in Jeopardy

Slots are known in the gambling industry as the biggest sources of revenue for the casinos. Indeed, in almost every casino that you should enter, you may see that the widest variety of games is in the slots, and there are rooms filled to the brim with sometimes thousands of slot machines. However, it turns out that at time, location is the key factor in determining the success of one casino over another, and such is the dilemma faced by Pittsburg officials. Their plans for a huge slots casino were originally based on estimated earnings of over seventeen million dollars. However, later these estimates were changed to about twelve million.

Now, while slots are indeed the most profitable games in the casinos, there is no doubt that any casino has to offer its customers more than just slots. Most people come to the casinos in order to have fun and enjoy a wide range of activities, and they would prefer a casino in which slots and other gambling games are offered. However, while in Pittsburg the new casino is indeed going to be built, it is up to the city officials to decide whether it will be only a slots casino. Or one that will offer other gambling games. Written by Max Ridgefield, Correspondent 21.09.05