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Play and Run Slots Strategy

Called Play And Run strategy, because it involves hitting a machine and leaving it unless it gives you what you want, this strategy leaves no place for sentimentality or even gut instinct; using only minimum bets and enabling you to find the best machines quickly, Play and Run is a good choice for all.

Naked Pulls and Loss Limits

Before getting into the specific approach of Play and Run it is first important to understand two concepts which are central to the strategy; Naked Pulls, and Loss Limits. A Naked Pull means a spin that yields no win. A slots player should determine a number of spins he will endure on a machine without getting a win before deeming it cold and moving onto the next machine. A Loss Limit is the percentage of your bankroll that you are prepared to loose on a machine before leaving it. Between the number of Naked Pulls and the Loss Limit your interests will be continuously protected and you will not put good money after bad into a cold machine.

How Play And Run Works

The Play And Run strategy is designed specifically for those with a low bankroll so don’t be shy about limited funds; in this particular strategy that’s all part of the game. Start by dividing up your bankroll into separate funds for separate machines; for example a $50 bankroll may be divided 10 ways for 10 machines, or rather 10 sessions. Set your naked pulls and loss limits, remembering that realistic yet conservative decisions in this area will be key to your success and must without exception be stuck to. Obviously with a low bankroll you will have chosen machines with low minimums, probably 25 cent machines; you will at all times only play with one coin. This is not a step system, there is no increase in bets as you win, your bet will always be just one coin. The play and run bit of the Play And Run strategy works like this; play 20 spins, if you’re credit isn’t up; run! In the course of those 20 spins you are of course watching out for your loss limits and naked pulls; if either of these are reached before the 20 spins is up you leave that machine no matter how many spins you have had. If you are up after 20 spins you may remain at that machine but not by continuing the same session; you cash out from the machine and you start again as a new 20 spin session with refreshed naked pulls and loss limits. Finally, Never play on credit as you don’t know when a loss limit will be hit; and never finish on a win – you don’t walk away from a hot machine.

Stuart Geyer - Section Editor