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Slot Machines Take Stand in Popular Culture

If you have ever been to a casino, you may have noticed that most of the slots machines in the past couple of years have been taking a turn for the better. Once all slot machines were invariably made to order, and were drab and had such topics as "Pirates of the Caribbean" or something similar and generic. However, over the past few years the games have become more interesting, and have cause a mini revolution in the way people play slots.

Now, when you go into a casino, you can play slots that look and feel like video games, and are as exciting. Perhaps the most famous development in the past few years has been the Star Wars slot machine, which is the most ambitious slots game to date. But there are many others that seek to interest you in more ways that just spinning the reels. The most interesting of these is a new Monty Python slot, that has cause waves of excitement in the slots community.

Of course, many more are to follow, as more and more people come to demand slots with more interest in them. No more will people want to play slots just to watch the same old spinning reels.

Article by Evelyn Bishop, Editor 18.08.05