New Software Development Allows Players to Verify Online Slots Payouts

A recent software development offers a new way to verify online slots payout percentages. The program monitors player's payoffs and can determine statistics such as the house edge, the payoffs, odds and probabilities for winning. Currently, the software is only in its early stages of development and a beta version is already being used by The final software is expected to be released by early spring 2007.

According to Kevin Banks, the software developer, the idea for the project started while he was comparing results for various online slots games to the ones published by recognized accredited testing facilities such as Technical Systems Testing (TST).

"Initially I didn't target the product for the general public, but as the software features advanced, I realized this could be something people might be really interested in," says Banks. "Our next step is to test the software on real money accounts at various online casinos".

Most online casinos use a Random Number Generator (RNG) in order to assure random results. Banks' software calculates various correlations between the results published by the various online casinos and the real results received by the players.

Using this method, online players will not have to place their confidence in the online slot machines blindly. Banks' goal is to be able to provide information on safe online slot machines, and make online players more secure about their casino investments.

The research was conducted only using playtech's play-money accounts. While Banks continues to study the behavior of the various machines, there is a need for further assistance by other players.

If you would like to take a part of the current development stage, contact Kevin at [email protected]