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3 Kings Online Slots

The three kings online slots game is a classic single payline version of a slot machine that will take you back to the times of chivalry and knighthood. This game features an awesome theme that will give you a good time while winning cash. Play this slots variation by playtech's online casino software and you'll enjoy every minute of it.

NO. Of Reels3
NO. Of Paylines 1
Min. Bet$0.05
Max. Bet$5
Highest Jackpot$5,000
Winning combinations8
Special FeaturesNo
Where to PlayInitial Bonus
Casino Las Vegas$400(Bonus Details)
50 Stars Casinoup to $2,000(Bonus Details)
Swiss Casino$400(Bonus Details)
Casino King$300(Bonus Details)
Magic Box Casino$567(Bonus Details)
Las-Vegas Live Dealer$400(Bonus Details)

Additional Information

  • This game has a small initial wager, but the jackpot is 5,000 times!
  • A lot of work has been put on the Graphics for the Chinese Kitchen slots game, with amusing pictures and animation.

Winning the Jackpot - Three crowns makes you the king and hands you the jackpot.