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Slot Machine 5-coin Strategy, The Ladder

The Ladder, unlike a regular steps or pattern strategy does not start on the minimum bet but rather on a middle bet; for the 5 coin slot machine this would be 3 coins. The Ladder is a methodical approach to 5 coin slot betting: Each spin will cause the climbing up or stepping down of a rung on the ladder; there is no sticking on the same number of coins accept the minimum and the maximum, and jumping a number of coins is not acceptable.

In this way the first spin will be of three coins and should it result in a loss; the next spin will be two coins because you have stepped down a rung on the ladder. If that spin with two coins yields a win your next spin will be with three coins, if that wins, your next will be with four, and if that wins your next will be with five. If at any point you did not win you must make your next spin of a coin less than that loosing spin.

It seems that this may be an ongoing process and the session may last for ever, but it is precisely the Ladder strategy’s method of dealing with the minimum and maximum bets that makes it so fast and furious, and limits each session to a short intense period. When you don’t win and get down to the minimum number of coins, i.e. one, you may only play three spins on that minimum bet; if you don’t get a win within those three spins your session is over, you cut your losses and start a new session, i.e. with three coins. In this way a cold machine will be quickly detected with the minimum injury to your payroll; from 3 coins to out on a completely cold machine will loose you only 8 coins, considerably less than you would lose using other strategies in order discover the same fact. The other end of the scale is equally beneficial. Once you have reached the maximum five coin bet with the Ladder strategy stick there as long as you’re winning, but as with all other rungs; one loss and you step down a level.

Loss limits and naked pulls are as essential to this strategy as adherence to the strict stepping up and down of the rungs, so be sure to set them and to stick to them. If you do, you will quickly find that he Ladder strategy gets you to the top bet quickly on a hot machine, and out quickly on a cold machine – just what you want from a 5 coin slot strategy.

Marissa Patterson