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Second Attempt On Slot Machines Submit Enough Signatures

Tuesday, September 5, the campaign for the second attempt at the proposed expansion of a gambling site in Ohio has been submitted with enough signatures to get onto ballot. More 'live' names were needed to accomplish the campaign.

Seven Horse Racetracks and two freestanding sites in downtown Cleveland have been proposed by a group that wishes to install slot machines. The campaigning group was given ample time to collect signatures, last week they had come up with 8,700 short of signature.

Their first attempt to back up the slot machines was rejected because most of the signatures turned out to be deceased voters or copied from a voter registration list that showed up with similar handwriting.

Last Tuesday, September 5, the group came up with about 44,000 additional signatures. Opponents of the group backing the racetrack owners and casino developers, Learn and Earn, is not surprised that the group has came up with such numbers of signatures. They said the group will not have a problem acquiring signatures because that would earmark some gambling profits for Ohio students to spend on tuition at Ohio colleges.

James Lee, spokesman for Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, said that the second round of the petition needed to be validated first by the county election boards.

Robert Helper said that they are concentrating more on the campaign to push through the slot machines proposal on the ballot than getting involved into legal actions.


Tuesday, 19 September 2006
Caroline Mitchell