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City Limits Slots Club to be Fined by The Gaming Control Board

A complaint over a $5 payout in a small slot machine club in Las Vegas translated into the business being fined by the Gaming Control Board.

The dispute occurred in April, when patron Sheila Mathews said she was cheated out of a $5 payout at one of the slot machines in the club. When the bartender refused to make the payout and accused her of not playing the slots, Mathews contacted the Gaming Control Board.

2 investigators went to the slots club to question management, but employee, Alan Griego, would not believe that they were investigators from the Gaming Control Board despite their identification. Likewise, Griego refused to identify himself or his job title.

Griego further jeopardized himself and the slots club when he refused to hand over a written statement made by one of the bartenders and barred the investigators access to the rear bar area to retrieve the statement. When one of the agents, Steve Warby, fetched the statement, Griego triggered a silent alarm and notified the police. However, the police acknowledged the legitimacy of the operation and left.


Monday, 15 January 2007
Kori Woffendin