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Commissioner Mike Kilburn Reviews Chance of Filing Lawsuit Against Gov. Stricklands Slots Plan

Commissioner Mike Kilburn's concerns about the Governor Strickland's decision to install video slot machines at state horse racing tracks go beyond Warren County. Kilburn asked first assistant prosecutor Bruce McGary on July 14th, 2009 at a commission meeting to check into the chance of challenging Gov. Strickland's slots deal with a lawsuit.

All three commissioners of Warren County said that the new slots deal Governor Ted Strickland struck to install slot machines at the seven state racing tracks including the Lebanon Raceway may be unconstitutional because it is a law that only benefits individuals that own the horse racing tracks. But commissioners Dave Young and Pat South do not agree that the county should challenge the agreement with a lawsuit.

Young seemed to consider the chance of a lawsuit during the Tuesday morning meeting but in the afternoon he stated that he was not interested in pursuing legal means. South said that he is too busy to be dealing things in the county, adding that there are a lot of lobbyists in Columbus who will take up the issue. All three commissioners voiced their criticism with Ohio legislators, accusing them of trying to solve the budget problems by legalizing gaming rather than trimming spending.

Kilburn said that it is almost mind boggling that grown up men think it's a terrific idea to legalize gaming to bail the state out. Young said that individuals at the lowest end of the economic spectrum and the elderly will be persuaded into spending their extra money on


Monday, 20 July 2009
Kori Woffendin