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Committee Asks Governor to Help Stop Illegal Gambling in Missouri

A legislative committee asks Gov. Matt Blunt to help in the crackdown of illegal gambling in arcade slot machines, sweepstakes and raffles.

Sen. John Loudon led the committee and had written to Blunt that outlines the alarming increase of illegal machines in Missouri.

According to Sen. Loudon, the bars and truck stops offers video games that are identical to slot machines.

The devices are illegal and should be banned as they don't generate tax revenues and they pick on problem gamblers that had been barred voluntarily on Missouri casinos.

Spence Jackson, spokesperson of Gov. Blunt, had released a written statement stating that the attorney general has the authority in the matter and would be the appropriate source for the legal view.

State supervisor Peter Lobdell of the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control, said that the agency had no power to arrest people involve in gambling or confiscate illegal gambling machines.

According to Lobdell, the Missouri Gaming Commission enforcement authority are restricted to places that offers alcohol in gambling facilities.

Ernest Raub of Missouri Gaming Commission warns about the legalizing the slot games outside the casinos as the slot machines are planned in cheating against the players.

Loudon had expressed in the legislative session that the Department of Public Safety should be given the power to investigate and remove illegal gambling machines.


Wednesday, 16. 2006
Caroline Mitchell