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Dauphin Grand Jury Restarts Investigation on DeNaples' Slots Casino License

On December 26th, 2007, after a 2 month delay, the Dauphin County grand jury that is studying the owner of Philadelphia's first standalone casino facility is continuing where they left off. Whether Louis DeNaples, the main focus of the investigation, will be called to give his statement is still questionable. DeNaples was given a subpoena in July but has yet to personally appear in court.

The district attorney of Dauphin County is currently trying to decide whether Louis DeNaples lied regarding his slots application to the state Gaming Control Board. DeNaples is allegedly have connections with organized crime. The gaming board has issued DeNaples a gambling organization more than one year ago. His casino, the Mount Airy Casino Resort in Monroe County has just recently opened.

The spokesperson for Louis DeNaples, Kevin Feeley has repeatedly denied the allegations against DeNaples. The prosecutors of Dauphin County issued four subpoenas to the gaming control board. Board officials did not yet appear before the grand jury. Board spokesperson Richard McGarvey commented that it is not right for them to comment on the matter because of the ongoing investigation.

The investigation by the Dauphin County was stopped after the lawyers for DeNaples petitioned the Supreme Court to halt the proceedings but just recently, the state Supreme Court has allowed the grand jury to proceed on the matter.

Since the state of Pennsylvania allowed slot machines in 2004, a lot of individuals, officials and organizations have voiced their apprehension regarding the plan. The issue reached a new point last summer when the grand jury of Dauphin County was allowed to investigate whether Louis DeNaples lawfully acquired his casino slots license.


Sunday, 06 January 2008
Alex Van Der Butz