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Eric Nuernberg's Winnings Stripped Because of Slots Error

On September 26th, 2007, about 400 people were present when Eric Nuernberg accepted his $50,000 check at a stage on the Foxwoods Resort Casino. But it turns out that it is just a fluke on The Hawaiian Invitational Slot event, an invitation only event for the casino's loyal patrons.

Nuernberg said that the casino talked to him after getting the check that his scores did not meet their standards. He said that the employees at the Foxwoods casino apologized and then gave him $500 and a hotel suite. He canceled the limo he sent to fetch his wife back home in New Hampshire.

Foxwood spokesperson Saverio Mancini said that they were notified by the other players in the tournament who were suspicious of the score of Nuernberg which is 6,000 bigger compared to the 2nd place finisher. He said that about 269 players participated in the two day tournament, which was held in the ballroom of the Pequot Towers.

At the end of each round, which players compete in two rounds each is six games had to register for each game in the event in order to win a seat in a slot machine. After the end of each game, the slot machines release the total points of the player for that round. Player will need to sign and to report to a staff at the registration desk.

The final tally is decided by a single printout, which totals the score of the player's for the two games. The computer tally showed that Eric Nuernberg had a total of 36,919 points while the second place winner had a total of 30,468 points while the scores of the other competitors have a 1,000 point difference.

When the other players complained about the scores, employees reviewed the computer printouts from Nuernberg's previous two games, tallied the scores manually and only got a total of 24,688 points. Mancini commented that the employees discovered that Mancini had somehow played a third game. He added that it is just an employee error.

Nuernberg said that he is a loyal patron of the casino and has lost $11,000 since January 2007. He is astounded that he won but is unaware that there is a problem with the scores. He vehemently denied playing a 3rd round in the slot machines because you have to register in order to get a seat.


Thursday, 18 October 2007
Alex Van Der Butz