Exotics online Slots

Exotics online slots will give you a marine life thrilling experience . If you like fish, you'll love this exotic slot machine option. Play this slots variation by playtech's online casino software and you'll enjoy every minute of it.

NO. Of Reels5
NO. Of Paylines 5
Min. Bet$ 0.02
Max. Bet$0.1
Highest Jackpot$2,000
Winning Combinations15
Special Features None
Where to PlayInitial Bonus
Casino Las Vegas$400(Bonus Details)
50 Stars Casinoup to $2,000(Bonus Details)
Swiss Casino$400(Bonus Details)
Casino King$300(Bonus Details)
Magic Box Casino$567(Bonus Details)
Las-Vegas Live Dealer$400(Bonus Details)

Additional Information

  • Try and recognize the fish you try to spin, and it will make the game even more appealing.
  • The game has amazing graphics and animation of life under the sea. The 15 combinations for winning make it a worthwhile game.
  • You will enjoy every second of the game, and afterwards you'll have a craving for some exotic fish.

Winning the Jackpot - If you manage to hook the most colorful fish five times, you'll win the jackpot and be able to go on the fish expedition you always wanted.