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Foxwoods Casino and Mohegan Sun Casino Use Coinless Slots

February 3, 2007, both Foxwoods Resort Casino and the Mohegan Sun casino are following the examples of casinos all over the U.S. in a move to change the electronic ticketing systems that are used in their slot machines.

Both casino officials and the gaming analysts commented that their players and staff often find it hard to handle the coins in the slot machines. The new system will make it much easier and faster game play and will provide additional rewards for the players. It also frees some spaces in the gaming area because of the disappearance of the coin redemption machines.

The Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville is also using the freed space in their area to construct four additional lounges for their slot machines. To begin playing with new slot machines, the players just need to insert bill or tickets with monetary credits. The slot machines will then print out the tickets when the players get their winnings.

Both the Foxwoods Casino and the Mohegan Sun, which have 13,000 slot machines at their disposal, have already changed some of their slot machines and they further plan to finish the change for all of them by the end of 2007. The ticket system was met with wariness at first in Las Vegas. The president of the, Anthony Curtis, said that a lot of people are apprehensive on whether this will work or not. But in the long run, they began to adapt to the change.

Although the researchers, who are studying gambling problems, said that the slot machines will now get more addictive now that they are becoming much easier and faster to play. Christopher Armentano, the director of the Compulsive Gambling Treatment Program, said that it is common belief among gambling experts that the faster the game plays, the higher the possibility that the game is highly addictive.

But the vice president of the slot operations at Mohegan Sun, Frank Neborsky, refutes that claim, saying that a lot of gamblers know when they should stop. Officials at Foxwoods casino say that all of their 7,200 slot machines will not need coins by fall of this year. The slot tickets can now be brought at the ATM-style kiosks at Foxwoods and Mohegan sun casinos. The new ticketing system will help to lower the cost, according to industry officials.


Thursday, 01 October 2009
Kori Woffendin