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Fruit Slot Machines

When pulling the side lever of the fruit slot machine standing in a Las Vegas casino it would start spinning three wheels and hopefully stop at a combination of fruits that would make the machine spit out coins. With the online and video versions of the game, we have come a far way from the metallic feeling of the past but the fruit pretty much remains the same.

Playing online

Most online casinos try to create a virtual version of the land based casino. This they do with much success with graphics that produces an authentic casino experience. A player that choose to enjoy the fruit slot machine from the comfort of his home will not only find that it is just as attractively looking online but also that it will come with more features than what can be expected in a land based casino. This is the charm of the Internet and it seems as if the possibilities are without limitation. The slot machine producers keep on updating their gaming software to make sure that the online casinos stay fresh and interesting. Therefore such a classic as the fruit slot machine keeps a taste as fresh as a newly picked strawberry.

Typical features of the fruit slot

Since the online slot machines have taken on a very creative look it can sometimes be hard to tell just exactly what type of machine it is, not so with the fruit slot that stays loyal to its symbols. The most commonly used symbols in a fruit slot machine are the cherries, bananas, grapes, lemons and oranges. Many fruit slots will also allow for a hold of one of the wheels and online it is often possible to minimize the time the actual spinning will take by a stop button. This function is good for players that want to see the combination as fast as possible. The amount of paylines can vary but the classical layout should be a classic 3 reel with one payline.

How to win on fruit slot machines

Slots are a game of luck. Online, theories of how hard to pull the handle to win are just as useless as they are in a land based casino. The thing is that no matter how you click on that start button the casino software will make sure that random combinations are spit out. So is there anything you can do to increase your chances?

When it comes to jackpots it would seem like a good idea to keep on playing if the jackpot hasn't been won recently. This way of thinking is often discouraged by the experts but they do point at the importance of making sure that your deposit makes you eligible for the jackpot. Everyone has their own lucky charms. If a cherry decorated shirt will influence the slot to spit out a row of cherries is hard to tell but if it gives you a good feeling go for it! It is well worth to repeat that slots are all about having a good time. If you've spent an hour on your favorite fruit slot machine and it put you in a great mood you can consider yourself a winner.

Stuart Geyer - Section Editor