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GPWA Gives Approval to

Online slot machine casino site was awarded the well-known and prestigious Seal of Approval from the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) responsible gaming group on July 15th, 2009. was studied and evaluated by the GPWA's Fair Gaming Advocate and found to be independent of the online gaming sites that it promotes while upholding copyright principles.

Aside from that, the GPWA stated that the online slots site does not participate in spam e-mail practices or show pornography while maintaining a professional demeanor in its business dealing. officials said that over the past years, they have spent a lot of time making an online site that they can be proud of and this approval and show of trust from the GPWA shows that their sacrifice has paid off.

They added that they have put considerable effort into making sure that their information and casino reviews are useful to their visitors and they make sure that their online is accessible at all times by not featuring huge gaming advertisements that they know will just distract their visitors.

The GPWA was founded in 2001 to promote responsible gambling while solidifying relationships between affiliate program managers and online portal webmasters. The group has 7,500 members that exchange information in one hundred forums with thirty-five thousand threads and two hundred fifty thousand posts. offers


Monday, 10 August 2009
Darren G. Strachan