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New Hampshire Lawmaker to Review Casino Gaming Expansion Proposal

Senators in the state of New Hampshire will once again review the expanded gaming issue on May 10th, 2010. A couple of important changes have been place to legislation that the state Senate already approved and Senators will evaluate these changes during a series of meetings. Senator Lou D'Allesandro has authored the newest plan which calls for less gaming licenses than the first bill.

Sen. D'Allesandro is proposing four licenses instead of six licenses and also would like to install ten thousand slot machines at each casino facility of 17,000 slot machines. The Senate has decided to go back to the issue because the first proposal that they approved did not make it through the state House. State legislators dismissed the original plan by a 212-158 vote.

D'Allesandro believes that by placing a limit on the number of licenses, the new gaming expansion plan would have a better chance of being approved in the House. Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins said that the New Hampshire House have sent a clear message with the dismissal of the first proposal that the gaming expansion was too big.

Dawkins said that the Senate will likely approve the new proposal again and being in a smaller scale compared with the first one, it would have a good chance to be approved in the House. D'Allesandro has improved the other areas of the gaming expansion proposal as well.

Sen. D'Allesandro claims that new rules and regulations would also be added that would make the casino gaming industry in New Hampshire one of the most regulated one in the United States.

The state of New Hampshire is just one of the states in the northeastern part of the US that is planning to expand their casino gaming offering. The states of Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Maine and Delaware are also planning their own gaming expansion.


Monday, 02 August 2010
Theo Evans