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High Stakes Slots

Slots keep increasing in popularity. Online slots are increasingly a larger part of internet casinos, and casino slots now account for as much as 80% of some Las Vegas casino revenues. As a result of this, the culture of slots has changed considerably, and many high-rollers, who would never touch the slots, are getting their winnings in high stakes slots.

High stakes slots are slot machines that start at $5 to play. Some casinos have slot machines that cost $500, and those are two coin machines, meaning every spin is $1000. Casinos keep offering these to players, and the ranks of slot players is growing. There's plenty of good reasons why high stake slots are getting so popular.

High stakes slots lounges are quitter and more sedate. The atmosphere is more laid back. Stepping into a good Las Vegas high stakes slot machine lounge is stepping out of the headache.

High stakes slot lounges are posh places. The service is premium and the free drinks and free slots are better. If you are the sort of person that enjoys the pampering and freebies of a casino, the high stakes slot lounge is a good place for you.

The payouts are usually 97%, which are the upper echelon of slot machines, and better than most table games. Of course, online slots pay 97% but you don't get the free cognac.

The comps for slots are often double what they are for table games. If you are betting thousands, it makes a difference.

Then again, high limit means you have money to burn. If you don't there's always the free slots.

Jimmi Nelson - Senior Editor