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Hollywood Slots in Maine Set to Open On July 1st, 2008

On May 26th, 2008, the members of the Maine Gaming Control Board will go to Bangor this weekend. The reason why is that the gaming control board, which usually do its business at the headquarters of the Maine Department of Public Safety in Augusta, will held their meeting together with a tour of the Hollywood Slots Hotel and Raceway facility that is located at 500 Maine Street before its opening.

The tour will not be opened to gambling public but will only be limited to the state public safety staff and members of the Maine Gambling Control Board headed by George McHale of Orrington, who is also the chairman of the state's harness racing commission. The topic for the meeting, which will be held at the Bangor Civic Center, will include the report made by Executive Director Robert Welcha's report on the schedule of the opening of the Hollywood Slot's brand new $113 million gambling and hotel facility.

Board members will also review updates on finances and the activities of the state police and a study on the letter to the groups that have received some money on slot machines asking for help with the opening expenses of the Hollywood Slots and some changes to the slots establishment's internal control standards.

The brand new Hollywood Slots establishment, which is nearing its opening date on July 1st, 2008, will feature one thousand slot machines, more than twice the number of the present 490 slot machines that can be found at the temporary casino facility of the organization at the former Miller's Restaurant in Maine Street.

During the meeting of the gaming board last April 17th, 2008, Hollywood Slots General Manager John Johnson said that Hollywood Slots plan to close down their temporary site on June 29th, 2008 to finish the move into the new facility. The temporary site will re-open briefly on June 30th, 2008 for a charity play tournament.

Aside from the slot machines, the new facility will also have a top class simulcast facility for those people that want betting on horse races, a musical show on Friday's and Saturday's, a gift shop, a buffet and a snack bar.


News Released: Thursday, 05 June 2008
Caroline Mitchell