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IGTs Sex and the City Slot Machine Game Reaches Top Status in Stand-Alone Progressive Slot Machines

As Sex and the City stars and well-respected fashion icons, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte continue to contribute to pop culture, so does the "Sex and the City" inspired slot machine.

IGT (International Game Technology), a worldwide leader in creating casino games that players love and network systems that enhance the gaming experience of players, announced on May 26th, 2010 that its Sex and the City slot machines has reached the number one status among all stand-alone progressive MegaJackpots(R) slot games on casino floors around the world today and remains among the most well-love slot machine themes in the world.

Gamers continue to queue up to enjoy and shout one of Sex and the City's most well-known catchphrases "Me Likey!" as they play the highly entertaining game, bonus games and multiple level progressive jackpots. Licensed by HBO Licensing and Retail, Sex and the City slot machines can be found in dozens of casino facilities across the world.

The Sex and the City slot machine variety was rolled out in Mexico City last week. Susan Macke, the Chief Marketing Officer of IGT, said that it is very clear that the Sex and the City slot machines have a strong following. She said that they are very happy to offer their slot machine customers this one-of-a kind gaming experience.

She added that the slot machine is filled with all the excitement and fashion that is expected from Sex and the City and it is the perfect game for any all girls event at the casino facility.

The Sex and the City slot machine game offers players the opportunity two win at least one of the five progressive jackpots and four bonus games. With each bonus game in the Sex and the City slot machine, gamers will get to watch their favorite clips from the show like the "Hello, lover" episode.


Author: Darren G. Strachan
Monday, 26 July 2010