Japanese Slot Machines - Pachislo slot machines

Unlike the American slots, Japan has a fairly new slot machine and online slots history. The Pachislo Japanese slot machines are considered to be cheaper than their American counterparts and easier to learn how to play slots. Also, it is currently illegal to buy an american "vegas style" slot machine (auto stop) in most of the states. But The Pachislo slots which is a "Skill-Stop", is the perfect opportunity if you want to purchase such machine for your own pleasure.

The Differences between the Japanese Pachislo Slot Machine and the American Las Vegas Slot Machine

A. LCD Screen - The Japanese slot machines have an LCD monitor, better music and more reels for an option to enhance the reel play which makes for an amazing online slots experience.

B. Skill Stop - Pachislo machines are "skilled stop". which means that the player is able to stop the reels himself. and not having it stop automatically like in the american slots.

C. Spin Knob - Pachislo slots have a knob instead of the traditional handle.

D. Different Jackpot Payouts - In the American machines, if you hit the jackpot, you will get all the coins that are in the machine's coin tray. In opposed to the Japanese machines, which you will get a pre determined amount of coins.