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Kansas Officials Studies the Possibility of Slot Machines at Horse Racing Tracks

Even before the economic crisis, gaming developers were slow to support the plan of spending a total of $250 million on a casino facility in Kansas that they would not own.

After the economic crisis, it has been very difficult for Kansas to find casino developers. That is the reason why the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee has approved law changes on March 25th, 2010 that would allow slot machines at racing tracks in Kansas City and Frontenac and scale down the minimum amount of investment for potential operators. One of the operators who are set to construct a casino facility is Chisholm Creek.

They are not in favor of the proposed law change because they feel that their casino facility could not properly compete with a nearby tribal casino and slot machines at the racing tracks. Changes in the current law would only call for casino developers to invest $100 million in Kansas casinos. That would make managing a casino facility in the state more feasible.

However, the part of the law change, is also facing criticism from those who believe that the horse racing industry cannot be saved even with revenue from slot machine gaming. In the past twenty years, the horse racing industry in Kansas has been reduced to a pitiful state.


Monday, 19 April 2010
Caroline Mitchell