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Kansas Racetracks Petitions Kansas Legislators for Slot Machines

Kansas lawmakers are giving owners of closed dog and horse racing tracks another opportunity to persuade legislators to give racing tracks more earnings from slot machines. No racing tracks have slot machines now and the racing track owners are blaming the existing law. The Racing and Gaming Commission stated on September 11th, 2009 that it would not cancel the racing tracks' licenses until after legislators adjourned for next year.

The Legislature will reconvene in January 2010. But the commission said that the racing track owners will lose their licenses if they do not take the necessary steps to reopen a month after legislators adjourn. That deadline would probably fall before July. A 2007 law allowed slot machines at racing tracks but the tracks' share of earnings is limited at forty percent and the racetrack owners say that it is not enough to make a profit.

The owners of the Greyhound Park made their case to the state on why they should keep their racing license. Phil Ruffin Junior also spoke before the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission. Ruffin Jr. explained his plans for the racing track during the meeting. It shutdown in 2007 after Sedgwick County decided against slot machines. Ruffin Jr. stated that the park can only make money if it possess slot machines. Since then the state has threatened to cancel the racing track's license unless it begins operating again.

Ruffin Jr. said that the state would not cancel their license. He said that they just need more time. He urged the lawmakers to discuss the gaming issue again next session. He and other racing track owners want the state to improve the tracks profit share. Ruffin Jr. stated that if the House approves the bill it would trigger a special referendum petition. He said that if that happens, they would have to get about six thousand signatures for Sedgwick County to hold a special referendum.


Thursday, 17 September 2009
Darren G. Strachan