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Kentucky Racing Tracks Fights For Slot Machines

On May 29th, 2009, Kentucky horse racing tracks have learned really well from the governor that when you want to have something, you simply try to get it. Governor Steve Beshear did that when he tried to confiscate online gaming domain names and now the horse racing tracks are following his example.

Instead of just sitting back and allowing state legislators to decide on the final outcome of casino style-gaming, the racing tracks have made a strong gaming campaign. They have sent out more than 250,000 brochures and have also taken radio advertisements. slot machines are the main cause of talks in the state of Kentucky these days and it is an issue that a lot of people involved divided.

On one side, they do not want to accept casino gaming but if they do not accept casino gaming, they will be risking their horse racing industry. Gaming observer Jamie Gresker said that this is a difficult situation for Kentucky residents because they do not want to risk closing down their racing tracks but they are opposed to any gaming expansion. Kentucky racing tracks are being affected by other states that are now permitting their racing tracks to offer slot machines.


Wednesday, 03 June 2009
Alex Van Der Butz