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Loose Slot Machines: What They Are and How to Find Them

Slot payback averages vary from place to place, for example in Las Vegas the average slot payback is 98% whereas in Atlantic City it is only 91%. In this way, a machine with a 94% payback will be viewed very differently by a slot player from each of these places. Therefore, when determining whether a machine is loose or not, it must be considered against its immediate environment only.

Another point to consider when talking about loose slot machines is that the payback percentage applies to the machine and its lifetime, not to the amount of money each player puts into it. A 98% payback means that over the course of that machines service it will payout 98% of what was put in it; however that doesn’t mean that you will get 98% of your stake back; you may get nothing and the next person may get 196%.

Bearing all of this in mind, the loose slot machine is the holy grail of slot players, and as the loose machines don’t come with big signs, many theories have developed regarding where and how to find a loose machine; some more plausible than others.

Many believe that a loose machine will be found amongst tight machines on the basis that the casino will make its money back from the loose machine on the tight machines. Another theory that certainly makes sense is that the machines closest to the entrance of a casino and on the ends of the rows are more likely to be loose. The logic behind this inference is that the casino wants to draw people in to the casino and to the slots areas; the best way to encourage more people to play is to show them that they can win. Therefore the jangling of coins acts as an incentive to non-players. A third theory which is a little more dubious is that the machines closest to the table games are the loosest, in order that the sound of the coins may distract the players. Most of the theories regarding the positioning of the loose slot machines focus around the idea of giving a winning impression and enticing those that wouldn’t otherwise play. Therefore, many people believe that the slot machines close to the cashier’s cage or close to the line for an entertainment hall may be the loosest slot machines in the casino; others say that the machines on the round carousels are the loosest because they are widely visible.

The search for the loose slot machine encourages a huge amount of slot play, and therefore is beneficial for the casino. It stands to reason that there will be a few loose slot machines on the floor; start thinking like a casino manager and you may be able to answer the mystery of where.

Kori Woffendin