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Where to Find Hot Slots in a Casino

You probably know by now that slot machine payouts are determined by the microchip inside of them, and that the chip itself is placed by the manufacturer. The casinos order slot machines with payouts that suit them, and are difficult and expensive to change. This article won't help you much with online slot machines, but it will help you do better in the casinos.

As slots history not all slot machines in a casino are the same. Although this guide is general, most casinos tend to place the better paying slots in the places that are the best for business, which is to attract other slot players who see people hitting payoffs, and not distract people who are playing other games. This isn't the case with online slots so for those you are better off consulting with the online slots tips and secrets.

Casinos don't do anything at random and slot placement works the same way. Just remember that the best slots still doesn't pay better than 97%, which means the casino is still making a profit.

Types of slots to avoid in a casino:

  • Progressives
  • Slots near the race books
  • Slots near the entrance
  • Aisles and places that are highly visible from the pit area where table games are
  • Near lines to shows and tickets

Types of slots to look for in a casino:

  • High stakes slots
  • "Crosswalks" in slot machine areas - places that slot players have to pass through to get to another slot aisle.
  • Near coffee shops, buffets, and restaurants.
  • On elevated areas where slot players can see them.
  • Near change booths

Good luck in the casinos, and remember, if you aren't ready to part with your hard-earned dollars, there's always free online slots to get your practice in.

Stuart Geyer - Section Editor