Bright future ahead for Mobile Gaming Sector

In the past few years mobile gaming sector has raised its limits and reached to expectations. Nowadays, mobile games are accessible anywhere, anytime.

Good news is coming regarding the mobile online gaming industry. It seems like the year 2010 brought a significant development for this sector. Regardless of the low progress recorded in the previous years, mobile online gaming has experienced huge growth. It is very easy for players now to access their favorite games from an iPhone, Blackberry, Android or different types of smartphones and enjoy playing.

According to statistics, the increment reaches 21% this week, in the beginning of 2010 financial year. These updates refer to online gambling only, not the online gaming too. In exchange, mobile gaming has grown to 797% for sports book wagers, with an overall growth of 650%.

As the development rolls on, various brands have made their sudden and fast appearance in mobile gaming. An important gaming operator has experienced a growth over 150% and the same casino has registered revenue increase of 200%, which means £6.5 million.