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Mount Airy State Slots Facilities Improve Profit Take on Slot Machines

On June 3rd, 2008 slots machines produced their biggest single week total since being allowed in Pennsylvania in 2006. Mount Airy slots casino produced its biggest numbers from its 2,523 slot machines since opening last year. Bets at the casino facility reached around $53 million, a 6.5% improvement over the week. That is the 3rd week that bets have improved at the Paradise Township slots facility, which has achieved remarkable growth in the past 5 weeks.

Mount Airy's gross terminal bets, the tax producing part of the slots profits, reached their biggest level since their opening week, which is 4 million. It is a 2.7% improvement over the period. Gross terminal bets are the total wager minus the payout of the player. The casino's reward rate, which reached its lowest result since the opening of the Mount Airy slots casino, improved to 91.9%.

The overall payout rate continues to be smaller than the average total of 92.7% of the casinos. But it is substantially bigger than the state total of 91.4%. A bigger payout ratio shows that players can win more from the slot machines. Mount Airy's total bets have been improving since the week ended February 10th, 2008. That was the first week of operations following the suspension of the slots license granted to Mount Airy owner Louis DeNaples.

The statewide figures show that bets improved to $430 million or about five percent. Gross Terminal bets improved around 4% or $34.5 million. 55% of that is paid to the state as gambling tax. Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board spokesman Richard McGarvey commented that as more casino facilities open for business, they will continue to build their customer base and attract new one.


Tuesday, 24 June 2008
Reported by Alex Van Der Butz