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Multi-Spin Slot Machines

If you have a favorite slot game and you can find it in a multi spin version chances are great that you are about to multiply the fun. When you play on a multi spin slot machine you are playing on several reels at the same time. The multi spin slots have greatly changed the slots scene. The special feature about them is the hold function. After the first spin you can choose to hold one reel and then spin the other reels again. In a way this is like having multiple hands in video poker. It increases the possibility for the player to more actively affect the game.

It should be remembered that slots is a game of luck. The function of holding a reel won't necessarily increase the changes of winning but it does engage the player better in the game. Since slots is all about having fun while hoping for a big win this feature is a great addition to a game that holds so many people spell bound world wide.

How to choose a multi spin slot machine

A multi spin slot game is basically a game that includes many games at once. This might sound fairly easy; a press at the start button will start a few reels spinning and hopefully produce great combinations. The producers of the multi spin slots could very well have left it at that - leaving the game to work much like the multi payline slots. A quick look at a standard online casino slot menus reveals that this is not the case. Not only are there many different background designs but the pay outs are also adjusted to fit the taste of the individual. Some multi slot machines will pay out smaller amounts but more frequently. To some this is crucial as the feeling of winning is more important than the actual sum won. Most will agree that the graphics do matter and a game is more fun if the backdrop and symbols create a good atmosphere. To make sure to find the best slots it is good to visit some different casinos and simply view their presentations. In general that should always be done before starting no matter what kind of slot. The informed player will make better choices and ultimately have a better time while spinning the reels.

A lot to keep track of

A multi spin slot machine can also come with other popular features such as a jackpot and several paylines. This somewhat alters the original function as the player must keep in mind that his bets will also affect the jackpot and his access to it. Most of the multi spin slot machines have a “wild” function symbol. When there is a hold function as well there can be a lot to think about in order to determine just what reel to hold. This is what makes the multi spin slots so attractive to its most dedicated fans. While a beginner might find them a bit complicated to fully enjoy, the experienced slot gambler should find them a must to play at some point.

Marissa Patterson