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Nebraska Horsemen Petitions for Slots Installment at Racing Tracks

On January 31st, 2009, horse owners fear that their colorful history and the business that they love could sink without any additional help. Horse owner Megan Miller said that she truly loves her horses so she fears that if anything is not done soon, they could lose everything. Horse owners in Nebraska fear that the long horse racing history in Nebraska could end if they do not get some form of help soon. As Nebraskan legislators study a proposal that will allow slot machines at horse racing tracks, Fonner Park resemble a ghost town.

Those who make their living from horse racing were in Lincoln trying to make their case before the legislators. Miller commented that there are a lot of jobs that will be sacrifice if the legislature will not do something. Pro-slots groups argue that slot machines would expand gaming where it is already presents. Proceeds from the slot machines would be used for road projects, racing tracks and the horsemen. But gaming critics like Pat Loontjer of the Gambling with the Good Life group.

Loontjer said that if pro-slots groups expect to give $80 million to roads that means Nebraskans are going to lose $200 to $250 million on slot machines. Loontjer added said that she personally thinks that the American public is sick of bailouts and why they should bail out the horse racing industry when it seems that it cannot sustain itself. But horse owners said that horse racing industry traces its roots in agriculture. Legislators must now decide if they will place the issue before the voters.


Sunday, 01 March 2009
Cindy Alfonso