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Slot Machines

There was a time when slot machines were the dull, lever pulled machines that we all know. While these still exist in some places, there has been astounding technological advancement in everything that has to do with them. Now there are slot machine games, and electronically and computer operated chips make the slot machine as different from it predecessors as the abacus is from the microchip.

There are the home editions, that can cost from fifty to two hundred dollars. These are small machines that are purely for home enjoyment. However, they can be every bit as exciting as the casino machines. These have built in games, exciting options and full light and options. However, these cannot be used for gambling, as they accept only token, not coins, hence there is no real payoff.

On the other side of the spectrum there are the professional casino slot machines that can cost anything from two to ten thousand dollars. These machines are large, heavy and can handle a large number of tasks at one. They are fitted with games, quizzes and are very, very different from the three-slot lemon-cherry-prize variety. Now, you can race a horse, attack the Death Star or play a quiet game of Monopoly all for a lot of money.

Whichever game you play, slot machines are fun and entertaining and require no skill. This explains why they are among the most popular of the casino games, land-based and online.