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Penny Slots

According to slot machine's history, slot machines were invented in the past century by Charles Fey, and were supposed to be a kind of filler, a way to minimize the lines first at his shop, and then at the casinos. However, the casinos saw the slots as something that would serve to minimize the line at the more serious games, and their popularity was something that was not expected. To this end the penny slots were invented. The penny slots are quite different from the regular slots games, in that they pay out a drastically smaller jackpot than the great machines in the casinos, but they also cost much less.

The need for penny slots arose when people decided that they like slots, and they began to want them at place where they were not really casinos. For this purpose penny slots were invented. While they may not be as exciting or as advanced as the great progressive slots in the casinos in Las Vegas, nonetheless they are still great fun and they can be found anywhere and everywhere! Also it is very easy to learn how to play slots. In addition, there are few places that they cannot be found, from the shopping, malls to schools. Go play a penny slot near you today! Presented to you by the Editorial Team