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Players Favor Slot Machines Compare With Other Games According to Las Vegas Survey

On July 24th, 2008, slot machines continue to be one of the most well-known games in Las Vegas, according to the newest visitor profile by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor, which also clearly shows that slots have widen the gap over blackjack, which is the second most popular game. About sixty five percent of casino customers surveyed said that their casino game of choice was slot machines, which improved from fifty-nine percent surveyed almost two years ago.

Helping to push the popularity of slot machines has been the debut of the numerous penny slot machines, usually high class video machine innovations that possess a larger amount compared with other slot machines. Only fourteen percent of the casino players pick blackjack, which slide down from eighteen percent two years ago. If you add to the slot machines total the six percent who pick video poker as their game of choice, the difference between electronic casino games and live casino games is even bigger.

Other three casino table games-baccarat, three card poker, roulette, pai gow and other-were picked by eight percent of players, an improvement of two percent over 2005. But craps saw its player base drop by four percent, a downgrade from five percent four years ago. Race and sports betting, together, were very popular among the two percent of those surveyed. The survey results actually resembled the actual gambling profit earned by Las Vegas casinos.

Slots machines are ahead of the pack, accounting for nearly sixty-six percent of the total gambling win. Blackjack account for 10.8% of the whole total, with baccarat not far behind with, 8.3%. Craps produced just under 4% of all the total profit, while other casino table games earned 5.5%. Race and sports account for two percent of all profits, while poker rooms take in around 1.3%.

The survey results underscore the different casino options offered by Las Vegas casinos, which are not available to players outside Las Vegas. For A lot of casinos outside the state do not offer craps or baccarat, sports wagering or other special casino games like pai gow and keno. There are also states in the U.S. which offer poker parlors where nothing else is played.


Tuesday, 12 August 2008
Caroline Mitchell