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Pocono Manor Investors Ask Supreme Court to Force Gaming Board to Change Gaming Ruling

On May 15, 2007, the Investors of the Pocono Manor petitioned the Supreme Court to force the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to review the applicants for the casino license that it has given the Mount Airy Resort.

The petitioners are also asking the Supreme Court to bar the Mount Airy Casino from reapplying in case the Supreme Court rules in favor of the petitioners.

The Pocono Manor Casino is the first of the 4 casinos to give their oral arguments to the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court regarding the gaming license issue.

In December 2006, the Pennsylvania Gaming Board approved casino licenses for 5 casinos in the area, like the Mount Airy Casino and the Sands Bethworks casino in Bethlehem.

In a 1 ½ hour debate before the Supreme Court, the Pocono Manor Casino said that the Pennsylvania Gaming Board did not review Pocono Manor's plan to construct a casino which will host 5,000 slot machines with different amenities.

The lawyer for Pocono Manor also said that the Pocono Manor was not allowed to give good evidence against the Mount Airy Casino's plans because the Mount Airy changed their plans at the last minute.

The lawyers representing the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board claim that the board has given an equal chance to all of the applicants and they gave the Pocono Manor the chance to prove their case.


Sunday, 03 June 2007
Marissa Patterson