Progressive online slots and jackpots

Slot machine progressive jackpots are a rather new and very refreshing development in the fascinating world of slot machine gambling.

In classic casino games, jackpot is an imaginary pot that collects the players' losses so that other players can try their luck and win the pot. It is exactly the same with the slot machines: whenever you wager your money on the slot machine and lose the round, some part of your bet would not be just aten up by the fruity box; it would be thrown into the digital jackpot in the machine's womb. In a land casino you can always recognize the jackpot slot machines from afar as they always have huge jackpot counters on the top. A slot machine can easily collect 200-400 thousands of dollars in a jackpot and you can sometimes see numbers way bigger than this: a quick Google run reveals jackpot wins as big as $40,000,000 (fourty millions of dollars!) just this spring.

Of course the payout percentages on such slot machines are lower but they still attract more players than the usual machines for a simple and very strong reason: everyone is willing to wager a little money in hope of winning. For most casino gamblers, winning a jackpot in a slot machine means a major change in their life.

Progressive jackpots are even more fun, because the slot machines with the progressive jackpot are linked into a network of slot machines sharing the same jackpot. It makes jackpots even bigger and more attractive. Of course there's now an added factor of competition (someone actually might hit the jackpot before you do!) but mathematically speaking it's a small source of concern. The larger the progressive jackpot network is, the faster the jackpot grows, sometimes to the point where you can actually see the numbers changing constantly.

There's one sadly unknown pitfall to the jackpot type of slot machine games. In some places, you might hit a jackpot combination but you will not be able to collect it because you didnt wager the maximum bet. Pay attention to the jackpot rules!

Another interesting tip is to wisely use the online jackpot tracking services. There's a couple of websites on the Internet who have partner agreements with the casinos: it allows them to import realtime jackpot information and display comparisons of the jackpots. You can therefore quickly locate places with the biggest jackpots, which makes your would be win sweeter.