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Racing Tracks Promise to Help Charities in Exchange for Slot Machines

The owner of the majority of Fairmount Racing Park in the St. Louis area is raising his offer in the hopes of convincing Illinois lawmakers to permit slot machines at the racing tracks in Illinois.

On May 27, 2007, the racing track in Collinsville, Illinois proposed to make 300 new employment opportunities and contribute a total of $20 million into the state and local treasury if the state allows the troubled racing track to offer 900 slot machines.

The racing track's plans also include adding live horse races and a convention center. Horse racing track owner, William Stiritz, promised that in addition to $10 million, 20% of the total profits will be donated to charity.

A proposal allowing slot machines at the horse racing tracks recently passed the House Committee review. Nonetheless, similar proposals have failed in the past because of the opposition to gambling expansion in the area. As of late, it has been a practice of the horse racing tracks across the country to offer slot machines at their racing tracks to help revive the dying interest in the horse racing industry.


Wednesday, 13 June 2007
Marissa Patterson