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Republican Senators Ask Gaming Board to Delay Slot Games Licensing

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board was asked by the Republican senators to delay the approval of slot games licenses.

According to republican senators, the gaming board should delay the slot licenses before a revision is made to the gambling law.

The gaming board had announced that the slot licenses will be awarded on September.

However, the aide from the Democratic state claims that the move of the republicans is for election purposes.

During the news conference, four of the Republican senators had revealed twenty one bills that according to them will solve the loopholes in the present gambling bill.

According to Republican Sen. Jeffrey Piccola, he received a letter from the gaming board chairman Tad Decker that asks for assistance through legislation.

Senator Picola had asked the gaming board to stop the issuance of the slot licenses till October.

Governor Ed Rendell and legislators had been on odds how to revise the law since its implementation in 2004.

The debatable provisions includes that the lawmakers are will be allowed to own as one percent of the gambling firm to which Governor Rendell had vetoed the planned amendment in the bill.

Slot games are expected to generate one billion dollars annually and will be used to decrease property taxes.


Thursday, 31 August 2006
Theo Evans