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Server Based Slot Machines

The server based slot machine is a technological system through which one slot machine at a casino would be able to provide a large number of games, with alterable variables. The best way to imagine how the server based slot machine works is to think about each slot in a casino as a console that is linked up to a main computer; rather than the ‘slot console’ being one particular game, it is a body through which any game that the casino chooses can be played. This enables casinos to alter the games, the payouts, the denominations, and any other setting through programming rather than physically having to change the machines.

The introduction of server based slot machines was only permitted by the Nevada Gaming Regulators in April of 2007, so the speed and intensity of the introduction of these games is still unknown, but suspected to be revolutionary.

Advantages for the Casino

The advantages of server based slot machines to the casino are huge. The server based slot machine allows the casino to change a game and all of its settings within seconds, including payout percentages, enabling casinos to maximize on high and low gaming times, without wasting time or man power.

Advantages for the Player

For the player however, it is still in the early days. The biggest worry for players with regard to server based slot machines is that physical slots are hard to alter; therefore it’s easy to trust that they aren’t tightened or loosened at busy or light times. If however, the need to physically open a machine and alter the settings is taken away, there is an added worry that this might occur. In response to this valid concern it should be known that there will be strict legal restriction over the changing of games. Regulations will likely include prohibiting the change of any aspect of the game whilst it’s in play, prohibitions on altering any settings of the game within 4 minutes of the last game being played and the mandatory showing of a message to inform players of configuration changes.

All major gaming technology manufacturers are developing server based slot machines but as of yet are reluctant to reveal details of their individual player promotions. Clearly a fast turnover of games and access to new titles is most definitely a positive outcome for the player, however the casino’s ability to alter settings may lead to distrust.

The Future of Casino Slot Machines

The general opinion is that the player promotions and bonuses under development will be substantially significant; the quality of the games will be outstanding; the exposure to so many titles will deem them irresistible; and the regulations will be sufficiently strict that any doubts regarding safety, fairness and security will be offset from the outset.

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