Slot machine types and online slot games

Different types of slot machines and online slot games are important as they provide variety to slot machine players which prevents them from getting bored. It is important to have different types of slots otherwise people would become disillusioned with playing the same sort of slots and online slots.

When Slot Machines began over 100 years ago there was only one sort of slot machine you could play. It didn't have the flashing lights or bright colors that today's online slots have. You could only put a single coin into it and it only had one payline. The jackpot was worth $5. This is markedly different from the online slot machines today who could have a jackpot in the vicinty of the tens of millions of dollars.

There are two basic types of slot machines with can be progessive or straight. Then slot machines can differ based on their coin denomination, how many reels they have, how many coins you must play, the amount of paylines there are and the theme of the machine.

So what are the different slot machine types?

  • European Slots
  • Australian Slots
  • Japanese Slots
  • American Slots
  • Three Reel Slots
  • Five Reel Slots
  • Video Slots
  • Jackpots
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Free Slots
  • For many generations of casino gamblers, it has been fun to see what will be next in the long line of slot machine types. There are thousands of slot machine types all in different themes and there are even more online slot machine types thank to the advent of online slots. Slot machines and their other penny arcade sisters are loved by the players not because of their winning chances but because of the time will spent. It's been said over and over that the point of a game against the slot machine is not winning money back; it's keeping the game as long as possible while the money lasts. Ultimately the only type of slot machine that people want to know about though is where the hot slots are and where the progressive jackpot slots are going to go off.

    Generally speaking, there are endless numbers of flavours of the slot machines, but they all operate on the same principle. Neither a classic slot machine nor a digital one would rely on any physical principle such as rotation of the wheels; simply put, the combination is randomly chosen by the slot machine's microprocessor and the result you see on the wheels themselves is simply a reflection of that result. The minor variations of slot machines find themselves in graphic, visual and sound design, tweaking rules of bonuses, multipliers, streaks, jackpots and other likely extension to the basic and simple idea of a slot machine.

    The slot machines types are designed in such a way that the deviation of the random number generator allows for specific very precise payout ratio. For online casinos, tampering with those parameters is practically impossible because the software platforms do not provide the possibility to arbitrarily change the proprietary variables, and strict auditing by independent parties would immediately expose any attempts to defy the mathematical logic of the games.

    Marissa Patterson