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Star World Casino Refuses To Pay $5.5 Million Slots Machine Jackpot

On September 3rd, 2007, a middle-aged female from Hong Kong who firmly believed that she had won $5.5 million in the Star World Casino in Macau has been informed that she may get her long awaited winnings.

The female player who was playing slot machines at the casino saw the $5.5 million jackpot popped up in the screen after feeding the slot machines 60 cents. The player immediately informed the casino employees about the message on the slot machine only to be informed by the employees that it was just a technical malfunction on the slot machine.

According to the spokesperson of the Star World Casino, the slot machine that the female player is playing on was only supposed to have a maximum jackpot of $6,000 and there is no way that it can produce a $5.5 million jackpot.

Not surprisingly, the female player argued with casino officials for hours before giving up and returning to her residence in Hong Kong.

The player later filed a complaint before the Gaming Inspection and Coordination department who believe that it would not be right to give the whole $5.5 million to the player because the slot machine should have only given a small portion of the disputed $5.5 million prize. But they said that they will continue to investigate the issue before making any final decision on the case.


Wednesday, 19 September 2007
Caroline Mitchell