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State Police and Gaming Board to Start Investigation of Centaur Incorporated

On February 20th, 2008, the Gambling Control Board of Pennsylvania and the state police will soon start their inspection of the background of an Indiana organization that wants to acquire a slots license to construct a casino in the western part of New Castle in Lawrence County.

Board chairwoman Mary D. Colins commented that she is hoping that the state police investigators will share the information that they might find with the gaming board's Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement regarding Centaur Incorporated, a gaming company that wants to construct a $400 million casino project in Route 422 in the Ohio Border.

Ms. Colins commented that she wants to avoid another situation like what happened with Louis DeNaples and his Mount Airy Casino resort in the Poconos. The state police commented that they did not informed the gaming board of the information that they have because they do not want the whole investigation to be compromise. Police spokesperson Jack Lewis commented that they are also prevented by law from telling the gaming board what they know.

Cyrus Pitre, the gambling board's chief enforcement counsel, commented that Ms. Colins is correct in her insistence and views that the state police should tell the gaming board any information that they have in any prospective license candidate. With the beginning of the background investigation with Centaur, Ms. Colins commented that she hopes that the state police will cooperate with them in this matter.


Tuesday, 18 March 2008
Marissa Patterson